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SoR Online Lessons

School of Rock Online Lessons

Getting Started for Parents and Students

Step 1: Download the School of Rock Online App

Available on Google Play, Apple App Store, or on the web at lessons.schoolofrock.com.

Step 2: Log In to School of Rock Online

There are two ways to log in to School of Rock Online; by going through the Method App, or by signing in directly through the School of Rock Online Mobile App or website at lessons.schoolofrock.com.

Logging In Through Method App

From the Method App, simply tap or click Online Room to automatically be logged into School of Rock Online. If you can’t access the Method App, you can also log in directly.

Logging In Directly to School of Rock Online

You can also log in directly to School of Rock Online. Start by opening the School of Rock Online App, or by going to lessons.schoolofrock.com on a laptop or desktop computer (Google Chrome works best).

From there, you can tap or click Continue with SoR Online to use your School of Rock Pike13 credentials. Or, you can tap or click Login with Email, and simply enter the email address we have on record for you.

Step 3: Join Your Lesson

You should see your scheduled lesson as soon as you’re logged into School of Rock Online. As long as your lesson time is scheduled to start within an hour, you will see a Start button. Tap or click Start to join your lesson. You will be placed into the waiting room by default until your instructor is ready to let you in.


Make sure you have a strong internet connection, and we always recommend using headphones when possible.